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5 Natural Cleaning Agents That Will Make Your Home Shine

There are many cleaning products on the market. But many of these can be harmful to our skin, the environment, and the air we breathe. If you’re eco conscious and you’re looking to keep costs down then go back to the basics with these five natural cleaning agents.


A mixture of lemon juice, bicarbonate soda and water is an effective solution for cleaning up cooking spills. You can clean your dishwasher by running a fresh lemon wedge along its interior surfaces. You can even prevent the transfer of garlic and onion flavors to fruits cut on the same cutting board by squeezing a few drops of lemon juice on the board and spreading it around before slicing.

White Vinegar

As versatile as any natural cleaning agent, vinegar can be used to clean countertops and tile floors, stained carpets, clothing, and windows. It’s also a great multi-purpose deodoriser. Try cleaning plastic containers with a mixture of vinegar and water or let a bowl of vinegar sit in a smelly room overnight.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is something you should always keep around your home. From keeping your fridge smelling naturally fresh to cleaning your child’s or dog’s toys between uses, there’s hardly a cleaning situation where baking soda doesn’t work. Let oil burn for too long in a frying pan and been left with burnt marks that no amount of scrubbing can clean off? Bring the best out of your pan by generously sprinkling baking soda on to the burnt oil, add some hot water, and let it soak overnight.

Hydrogen Peroxide

The oxidising effects of this natural chemical compound are good for disinfecting more than just open wounds. Hydrogen peroxide is great as a toilet bowl cleaner, stain remover and food residue cleaner. Wiping down refrigerator shelves or cleaning scents and natural dyes from cutting boards is easy with hydrogen peroxide. This natural cleaning agent can also serve as a fungicide for plants.

Olive Oil

Olive oil has increased in popularity as a cooking oil in recent years as awareness of health benefits have grown. It is, however, still under used as a natural cleaning agent. Olive oil can be used for a variety of cleaning purposes, but it can work magic on metal cookware, jewellery, wood furnishings, plus hardwood floors. Olive oil can also be used in place of WD-40 as a solution for squeaky door hinges!

With the exception of hydrogen peroxide, each of these natural cleaning agents is probably sitting somewhere in your kitchen right now. There are dozens of other natural products that can help you keep your home clean. The next time you face a cleaning dilemma and don’t want to use an abrasive or toxic cleaner, do a quick search on the natural ways you can clean up whatever you’re dealing with.

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