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Regular Home Clean

Do you struggle to find the energy, enthusiasm or time to clean your home? If so, you are not alone. The good news is, Magical Maids will do it for you so you don’t need to worry about household cleaning chores any more! If you find your lifestyle is so busy that you don’t have time to regularly clean your house, it could be time to seek help from a professional cleaning company like Magical Maids. Perhaps you are stretched for time, or the need for a domestic cleaner could be due to another reason. It may be that you are not agile enough to get to those difficult-to-reach places. Or, maybe, you just don’t like cleaning and would prefer to do other things with your time than scrubbing, dusting and washing.

Choose Regular Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Cleans

Whatever the reason, you can rely on us to regularly clean your house, just the way you want. We offer a regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly service because we recognise that not everyone’s requirements are the same. For example, a bustling family home will have different cleaning needs than an apartment belonging to an executive who is away a lot on business.

What’s included at a glance:
  • We dust and wipe down your surfaces with safe domestic products

  • Carpets & hard floors vacuumed and cleaned

  • We bring all our own equipment and supplies as part of your price!

  • You will get the same dedicated cleaners every time for consistency!

  • We will iron and put away a handful of items of clothes for no extra charge!

  • Bedding changed at no extra price!

  • No long term contracts to lock you in!

  • We operate a Key Safe System if you can’t be home that day.

Weekly & Fortnightly Cleaning Services

If you need a regular house cleaner in West Dunbartonshire  or the surrounding areas, then we are the company to speak to!Our house cleaning services are second to none. Our professional staff will clean your home to the highest standards in the regular house cleaner industry. We use only the most effective and highest quality domestic products available on the market today. We bring these products plus all the equipment we will need with us as part of the basic price of your clean. Your house clean can be booked in for any rotation that you would prefer, weekly or fortnightly.  We are a registered, professional house cleaning service operating in West Dunbartonshire. We are fully insured and are trusted by hundreds of clients to clean their homes. We use top class  equipment to keep your home clean and fresh, and only employ fully vetted, trusted and reliable staff. Your house keys are safe with us too. We can visit when you are home. However if you would prefer to provide us with keys we use random coded key-rings to identify keys in our possession. It means no-one else can identify the keys as belonging to your property, keeping your home safe at all times.

Your satisfaction is paramount to us. We always strive to make sure our customers are happy with our service. That is why we let our cleaning do the talking for us. We will never tie you into a contract or add any cancellation fee or notice time, if you’re not happy with us you can cancel any time!

Your regular house cleaning service will include as standard;

When we first arrive in your home the first thing we will do is provide a general tidy up for you. We know in our busy world that it is hard to get your home perfectly tidy and ready for your cleaner. So if it is just a bit messy we will do that work for you!  This is useful for everyone but especially useful for older customers and customers with children or teenagers. Of course we won’t know where everything should go. But we will try our best to put things away where we think it should go, so your home is nice and tidy after we have visited. 

When it comes to cleaning, in standard rooms like living rooms, bedrooms, lounges etc we begin by dusting all your surfaces and general ornaments, like family photos and decorations. We will also polish surfaces like wood and chrome as well as glass and mirrors to keep them shining. Window sills, insets in walls and shelf’s will also be dusted. We will even clean the inside of your windows as standard! Pictures on walls and anything else that will collect dust will also be dusted and cleaned down. Any visible skirting boards will also be dusted down to keep any and all surfaces dust free. Your carpets will be vacuumed, and any hard flooring will be cleaned to kill germs, keeping them fresh and bright. To finish we will then freshen the air to ensure your rooms don’t just look but also smell fresh. We can also change bedding for you in any and all of the bedrooms. Simply leave the fresh linen on the bed you want changed and the girls will change that for you.

In your bathrooms we will scrub your toilet from top to bottom inside and out. Your wash hand basin(s), taps, shower and bath will also be given the same high standard of cleaning. The inside of the window and window sill will also be cleaned! We use antibacterial cleaning products to make sure you and your family are living in a germ free environment! Your floor will also be cleaned and skirting boards dusted off. Mirrors and other surfaces like any chrome etc will also be given the Magical Maids treatment as standard!

In your kitchen we will clean your hob, taps, sink and drainage area. We will clean your worktops, tables and the front of your large appliances. We will also clean the outside of your small appliances like kettles, coffee machines, toasters. The inside of the window, window sill and frames will be included as standard! We will also clean cupboard fronts and handles. As always the flooring will be vacuumed and cleaned and your skirting boards dusted down as standard! That also includes the rest of your home too, everything standard will be cleaned in every room. We can’t provide deep clean services as part of a regular clean, for example deep oven clean or deep carpet cleans. However we can include them as standard alone services which can be paid for separately. We will do everything we can to make sure you are happy and stress free from the hassles of cleaning.

You can request your home to be cleaned every week or fortnight. If you want your bedrooms cleaned or left alone that is entirely your choice. As with any other room or part of the service, you are in control of how and where we clean in your home. Just let us know in the notes section of the booking page what you want us to do. Our cleaning staff come equipped with all the best equipment required to do the job to the highest standard in the cleaning industry. All our vacuums are pet hair compliant,  filtered, professional vacuums. All of our cleaners are equipped with hard floor cleaning equipment, polish for all types of surfaces, air freshener and a whole host of goodies to make sure you home sparkles by the time we are finished. As the customer you don’t have to lift a finger or supply anything!

At a glance this is what we cover as standard:

General Rooms:

  • Tidy up limited toys, clothes and general items around the home

  • Dusting all Shelfs, insets in walls, tables, units, window sills and other surfaces

  • Polishing wood surfaces like tables, shelfs and units including ornaments

  • Clean the inside of all windows and window sills

  • Dusting down all visible skirting boards

  • Polish glass surfaces like mirrors, TV, glass and photo frames

  • Vacuuming all carpets / Vacuum and disinfect all hard floors

  • Ironing clothing and fabric (up to 5 free items per visit)

  • Freshen the air


  • Tidy up worktops, tables etc and put items away

  • Clean all worktops

  • Clean hob, sink, taps and drain area

  • Wipe down front of white goods

  • Clean any tables

  • Clean the inside of all windows, window sills and frames

  • Dusting down all visible skirting boards 

  • Hoover and disinfect floor

  • Freshen the air


  • Scrub down and disinfect toilet

  • Scrub and disinfect bath, shower, wash hand basin

  • Clean shower doors

  • Polish mirrors

  • Clean the inside of all windows, window sills and frames

  • Dusting down all visible skirting boards 

  • Hoover and disinfect floor

  • Freshen the air

Just make sure your cleaners have been given enough time to complete each task for you. If you’re not sure how long you should book in your clean for just take a rough guess. If the cleaners need more time or have too much time we will let you know and with your permission adjust it accordingly

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