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End of Tenancy Cleaning 

At Magical Maids, we carry out end of tenancy cleans for the tenant, landlord or letting agents. Moving house can be stressful enough without having to make sure your property is immaculate for the landlord's inspection. While the Tenancy Deposit Scheme gives you greater protection when renting a house of flat in West Dunbartonshire or Argyll and Bute - an end of tenancy deep clean makes the whole process a lot easier.

Magical Maids offer a dedicated End of Tenancy Cleaning service at a very reasonable price. Even if you keep your rented property very clean, when it comes to moving you can quickly realise just how big a job this can be. Our team of dedicated domestic cleaners is here to help relieve this stress so you can focus on moving. In general when you move out of a rented property, your landlord will expect you to leave the house in the same condition as when your lease started. There will usually be reasonable wear and tear which is the landlord's responsibility. However you will need to make sure that your rented property is cleaned to the same high standard as when you moved in.


Your end of tenancy house cleaning service will include;

Our end of tenancy cleaning service cleans your home from top to bottom. This cleaning service includes dusting down the ceiling and walls in every room including all light switches, plug sockets and light fittings. We will clean all fitted mirrors and get into all those places that get missed in a regular cleaning round. Skirting boards and other parts are also dusted and wiped clean. In bathrooms and kitchens again the ceiling, walls and floors are all cleaned. Where tiles need deep cleaned as an optional extra we can deep clean them to bring them back to their fresh clean best.

When it comes to the contents as it is an end of tenancy there won’t be any furniture, but we know quite often white goods will be left. This includes fridges, freezers, washing machines, dish washers and tumble dryers. We will by default clean these items on all sides, top to bottom to bring them back to their fresh looking best. We can even deep clean them inside too if you wish as an optional extra. All wood shelfs and any other surfaces that require polish are also polished in full as standard!

In your bathrooms we will scrub everything from top to bottom inside and out. This includes your toilet, wash hand basin(s), taps, shower and bath. We also use eco friendly antibacterial cleaning products to make sure you and your family are living in a germ-free environment! Your floor will also be deep cleaned. Mirrors and other surfaces like any chrome etc. will also be given the Magical Maids treatment.

A kitchen will always be the worst room in the house for dirt and grease build up, so we go into that room ready to take on the worst. We come equipped with the best products available to professional cleaners and a wide range of eco friendly cleaning sprays ready to get the worst grime off all surfaces. In your kitchen we will clean your hob, taps, sink and drainage area. We will also clean your worktops, cupboard fronts, cupboard handles and the front, top and sides of your white goods. We can also clean the inside of any items from ovens to microwaves, washing machines to fridges (on request). Our deep cleaning will get the worst grime out of any kitchen of any age.

Our cleaning staff come equipped with all the tools needed to do the job to the highest standard in the cleaning industry. All of our vacuums are pet hair compliant, hepa filtered, ‘A rated’ professional vacuums. Our cleaners are equipped with deep carpet cleaners, polish for all types of surfaces, eco-friendly products and a whole host of goodies to make sure your home magically clean by the time we are done. As the customer you don’t have to lift a finger or supply anything!

At a glance this is what we cover as standard:

General Rooms:

  • Cleaning all skirting, light switches, plug sockets, light switches, doors etc

  • Dusting down all ceiling edges and walls to remove cobweb and dust build up

  • Cleaning all Shelfs, insets in walls and other surfaces

  • Inside windows including all window trims, sills and vents

  • Polishing wood surfaces like shelfs and units

  • Polishing glass surfaces like mirrors and glass

  • Vacuuming all carpets / Vacuuming and disinfecting all hard floors

  • Deep carpet cleaning/upholstery deep cleaning (optional)

  • Freshen the air


  • Clean all worktops

  • Clean cupboard unit fronts including the handles

  • Clean inside all kitchen cupboards (optional)

  • Inside oven, inside fridge-freezer, inside washing machine, inside dishwasher (optional)

  • Inside windows including all window trims, sills and vents

  • Cleaning and killing germs on all surfaces, hard floors, basins etc

  • Clean hob, sink, taps and drain area

  • Clean white goods

  • Vacuuming and disinfecting the floor

  • Deep clean tiles (optional)

  • Freshen the air


  • Scrub down and disinfect toilet

  • Scrub and disinfect bath, shower, wash hand basin

  • Clean shower doors

  • Cleaning and killing germs on all tiles, hard floors, basins etc

  • Inside windows including all window trims, sills and vents

  • Polish mirrors

  • Vacuuming and disinfecting the floor

  • Deep clean tiles (optional)

  • Freshen the air

Why Choose Us?

  • Highest and most comprehensive cleaning standards in the industry!

  • We supply all of our own equipment and products at no extra charge (unless you wish us to use products supplied by yourself, that is fine too!)

  • All surfaces and items agreed cleaned in full

  • Deep carpet cleaning where required for superior cleaning

  • Competitive pricing

  • Dedicated staff who are friendly, vetted, experienced and trustworthy. We are not an agency!

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