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How to Quickly Declutter Your Space

No one feels in the mood for a tidy or life admin session every day. In fact, you're probably lucky if you're in the mood once a month. But that's fine. Embrace your productive days!

I’m sharing a simple 5 step method to declutter any space - and fast! The main goal here is a quick job and a decluttered space. This can be a kitchen drawer, a cupboard, a table, a cabinet – simply choose a place that needs a little decluttering and get started.

1 – SET A TIMER – This can be for 10 minutes or 1 hour, you decide! I spent about 40 minutes working on kitchen drawers. As usual, it took me less time than I was expecting it to take.

2 – CLEAR OUT – Remove all of the items from your cluttered space and lay them out.

3 – QUICK SORT – Evaluate what you are going to put back. Do you need everything? Are you using it daily or weekly? Is there anything you can donate, sell, put somewhere else? Do a Quick Sort – put each item in one of these four categories (Keep, Toss, Donate, Relocate).

4 – WIPE + PLACE – Make sure the area is wiped clean and ‘Keep’ items back. I also hoover a space if necessary – this takes about 1 minute and is always worth the effort!

5 – TAKE A LOOK – Assess the area and determine if there’s anything you need to keep this space from cluttering up again. Put your Relocate items in their new spot and take care of your Toss and Donate items.

It’s true that decluttering can look differently to each of us, depending on what we have going on and how we deal with life in general. However you’ll be surprised with how clearing and organising just one space can make you feel more in control, rather than overwhelmed.

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