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6 Easy Ways To Keep Your Kitchen Sparkling

Start with a clean kitchen

I know what you're thinking, but let me explain! If at all possible, don’t start cooking until your kitchen is relatively clean to begin with. If you start prepping and cooking a meal and your kitchen is already a disaster, you’ll just get more annoyed about it and procrastinate further after cooking dinner. If you start with a clean slate, you’ll be more motivated to keep it clean.

Always clean as you go

From my experience, cooking and meal prep is usually a straightforward experience. This is because there is always find time to clean and wipe as you cook in order to keep the kitchen clean. Before you even start, prepare a basin of warm soapy water, so then you can soak after use and while the food is cooking you can wash and put away any utensils you don’t need and wipe down spillages and surfaces.

Cover the food when using the microwave

The easiest and best way to avoid food splatters all over the inside of your microwave is to cover your food when cooking. Either use a microwave lid or a piece of kitchen roll to avoid food spitting in the microwave. A simple technique like this will make it so much easier when it comes to cleaning your microwave and help you keep the kitchen clean.

Line your oven and trays

No matter what type of oven you use, it can quickly become one of the most dirty appliances.Oven liners can reduce the spills and grime that accumulates and burns while its on. Lining trays and grill trays with appropriate foil which you can remove after each use will minimise the eventual task of cleaning your oven!

Sweep, hoover, and mop the floor

Sweep with a brush to pick up all the crumbs and debris that end up on the kitchen floor, especially near your cabinet toe kicks. Always nudge your broom under the fridge and oven, too. After sweeping, use a hoover to get the fine lines of dust and dirt that the brush has missed. Follow it up with a thorough mopping to get rid of germs and grime..

Have a home for everything

Have a place to store everything, and I mean everything! Instead of having things scattered over worktops and around your kitchen, it’s much easier to have similar things all in one spot. For example, all of your utensils in the same space, all of your ingredients and dried foods in the same space, a bowl to contain all the fruit. Magical!

Magical Maids

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