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Spring Cleaning Package

The first sign of Spring is not the only time we want to give our home a deep clean. We can spring clean any time of year, any time we feel a certain room–or the whole house–needs a thoroughly good going over.

Our Magical Spring Cleaning Package includes a deep clean of your entire home. It comes with lots of extra cleaning tasks that tend not to get done on a regular basis. As well as the standard services you would associate with a professional clean, such as washing floors and sanitising toilets, our Spring Cleaning Package includes serious attention to detail. For example, we will dust all lamp shades, polish door handles and frames, and even dust all of your skirtings. When we’re done, you will feel like a breath of fresh, spring air has permeated your entire property and it is time for the sun to shine!

Our cleaners are extremely flexible and can custom-clean according to your needs and requests. Simply let us know what needs attention and how you like things done. We will do our best to accommodate your requests.

Our standard Spring Clean Package duties include:

Throughout the property:

  • Vacuum floors

  • Wash hard floors

  • Skirting's & window sill dusted

  • Picture, furniture, ornaments & lamp shades dusted

  • Accessible light fittings, light switches & powerpoints

  • Internal doors, door handles & frames

  • Accessible exhaust fans & air con vents

  • Laundry area including sink(s), tap(s) & basin(s)

  • Mirrors cleaned

  • Internal cobwebs removed

  • Bins Emptied

  • Front entry swept


  • Bench tops & tile area

  • Sink, basin & taps

  • Stove top

  • Oven

  • Cupboard & drawer fronts

  • Microwave inside & outside

Bathroom(s) & Toilet(s):

  • Toilet(s) – cleaned & sanitised

  • Tile areas & vanity units

  • Sink basin & taps, bath(s) & taps

  • Shower area including shower head, taps & screens

How Can Magical Maids Help You?

Many people love the thought of giving their home a spring clean but don’t have the time, skills or ability to get tidying, wiping, scrubbing and polishing. Perhaps you don’t keep stores of cleaning products in your cupboards, you’re not very good at cleaning, or you would rather spend your time doing something else?

Whether you live in a house, apartment, unit or multi-unit development, Housework Heroes can help you with a one-off, deep clean of your home. Our fully trained Heroes provide your home with a comprehensive clean from top to bottom, completing all those additional tasks you don’t normally get around to doing.